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In this age of the Internet and instant messaging, SMS may seem redundant. After all, Instant Messaging provides you with a lot of freedom that SMS does not. You are not limited to texts, you can forward one text to many people, and you can see whether the other side has received your message or not. The only prerequisite is that you need to be connected to the internet, which is not complicated nor expensive in this day and age. But what if you couldn't be connected to the internet but still need to send information to many people? This is where Bulk SMS Service comes into play, so make sure you choose bulk SMS service provider in Nepal. But, at first, lets know what is a bulk SMS service?

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What is a Bulk SMS service?

A Bulk SMS service is an application-to-person SMS messaging service that, as its name says, is used to send one message to many people simultaneously. In layman's terms, a bulk SMS service is an application or a system that you can use to send a preset message to a set of predetermined contacts or a Bulk.
In its most basic form, bulk SMS service is extremely common. It is built into every modern phone. You can easily send one text to every contact in your phone message box, regardless of the mobile operator and internet connection.
The only issue with this is the cost. Although you can indeed create and send your message to a bulk of people, the charge will not decrease. The only exception is if you have taken up a particular bulk message service from your cell service provider.
For instance: You can send a "Happy New Year to all my lovely Idiots" message to your contacts of 200. The problem here is not creating and sending the message but the cost. If a single message costs Npr 1.50, if you send a bulk message to all your 200 contacts, you will need to pay a total of Npr 300. This is if we assume that all 200 of your contacts are on the same cell service provider like you. Should anyone be using a different cell service provider, you can easily expect the cost to rise significantly.

So is there any Cheap SMS solution?

The simple solution to reduce the cost of sending a bulk SMS is to choose a best bulk SMS provider in Nepal like us! Our job is straightforward- we reduce the cost of sending SMS significantly. Naturally, the cost reduction will depend on your requirements and our packages when it comes down to business. As a Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nepal, let us give you a piece of insider information - the greater the number of people you need to send the Bulk SMS to, the cheaper the cost per SMS!
For instance: If you need to send a message to 100 people and the standard price per SMS is Npr 1.50 per SMS, using bulk SMS service providers, the cost per SMS might be reduced to Npr 1.25 per SMS. However, if you use a Bulk SMS provider to send the same message to 1000 people, the price per Sms may be as low as Nrs 0.50!
Regardless of the number, you will get a lower price per SMS when you take the service of Bulk SMS provider like us. The best part about us is that you don't need to be an organization to take our services. Our services are open to you even if you are just an individual who needs to send messages in Bulk. Bulk SMS service is best for businesses and organizations to ensure a proper flow of information regardless of the recipient size.

Do you need the internet for Bulk SMS?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding Bulk SMS and Bulk SMS service. The simple answer to this is- NO! You do not need the internet to use our Bulk SMS services. Although the messaging is done through our application, it works based on your cell service. In many ways, Bulk SMS service is like your typical SMS package with just better costs per message.
If you want the best value for your Bulk SMS along with an intuitive manager for all your SMS schedules, Bulk SMS service is best for businesses and organizations to ensure a proper flow of information regardless of the recipient size. ohosms is here for you. We provide you with an intuitive application to make all your SMS schedules simpler and give you the best value for your price!
But that said, have you ever wondered what are the benefits of Bulk SMS and Bulk SMS providers like us?

Is Bulk SMS Service good for your business?

The simple answer is - Yes, it is extremely good for your business. There are two situations where Bulk SMS Service can be super helpful for your business - Flawless flow of information and SMS Marketing.
As we mentioned, bulk SMS does not require an internet connection. The messages will always be delivered to the recipient unless their phones are switched off or in an area with no network, both of which rarely happen in modern times. This will ensure a proper and efficient flow of information to all the employees, customers, and personnel involved.
At the same time, it is also a great way to promote new products. The goal here is to make your customers read the message and see the name of your advertised product. Besides this, Bulk SMS service can also be used in SMS voting services and SMS notifications, both of which can drastically improve your sales if used correctly.
Bulk SMS service is a straightforward service. All it does is reduce the price of your SMS and provide you with an efficient way to manage and send SMS in large quantities. Although the concept of Bulk SMS service is indeed simple, its benefits are immeasurable, especially if you are an organization that needs efficient marketing mediums and information flow channels. In the end, it is all about letting your message be seen.

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